Smart Home LED Starter Kits

Practical bundles at a special price. Get an LED Bundle from the Gledopto Friends series now. The combination of illuminants such as LED strips with matching controller and power supply. The clever sets make it easier for you to get started in your smart home. Save time laboriously putting together appropriate combinations. Questions like, which controller fits this LED strip or which power supply fits my desired LED strip length will be obsolete. Secure a perfectly matched bundle for your LED lighting project with one of our LED kits. Our selection includes the most common illuminants from our shop with the matching components. Choose from a completely assembled kit.

Does Buying an LED Kit Save Money?

Yes, as an incentive to buy all the required items from, we offer attractive discounts when purchasing our LED products as an LED kit compared to purchasing them individually.

Does also put together custom LED kits for me?

Yes, on special request, we also offer a soldering service. If the kit you are looking for does not fit your needs and you do not want to solder it yourself, contact us for a quote.

Can I change an LED kit?

Yes, because it's impossible to offer every option in a kit, and with so many different LED applications, it's common for us to accept custom kit requests. Just write an e-mail and we can either place an order for you or give you advice on how to place a custom order.

Are there DIY instructions for the LED kits?

Some of the LED kits we offer include examples with pictures, video tutorials, and more. If you are not sure yet, you can get information there or write to us here. We are happy to help.