GLEDOPTO ZigBee Control

Gledopto LED System: Easy. Smart. Future-proof.

Gledopto is a smart lighting system that is both intelligent and simple at the same time. Regardless of your preferences, Gledopto enables you to adjust your lighting, integrated into the smart home network via smartphone app or voice control - is easy, smart and future-proof. The LED light system works with ZigBee. This enables the LEDs to communicate with a large variety of smart home gadgets like Amazon Echo Plus and Google assistant. Choose the perfect light setup and create the right mood for every area of your home. For space whether it is indoor or outdoor there is an LED light that is just right.

Gledopto lights

Here is what you can do with Gledopto LEDs:

Easily change the brightness of your lighting from the comfort of your couch using the Zigbee remote control or smartphone and tablet app. Adjust the light flexibly to your mood at any time!

Adjust white tone
Tunable White control E27 bulbs, GU10 Spots, and Strip controller allow you to create a flowing range of whites ranging from warm white light from relaxation (2700 Kelvin) to daylight white lighting for concentrated activities (6500 Kelvin).

Choose your color
The RGB control offers you up to 16 million individually adjustable colors. In the RGB + CCT variant, you get the best of both, colors and tunable white.

Introducing the Gledopto smart light system.

With Gledopto you can illuminate every room perfectly. Different luminaires like the E27 Bulb, GU10 Spot or LED Stripe Controllers together form a complete system of beautiful LED-lights for your home. Bulbs for general lighting, Spots to accentuate and Strips for decorative lighting. Let your interior shine with the right lights. Meet the Gledopto smart lighting system. Create the perfect mood and get started with connecting your home. Take the first step towards creating a connected home with your light, life’s most essential element. Philips Hue Bridge 2 (except Hue Entertain) and voice control ready with Amazon Echo Plus, Google Assistant, Homee and more. A brighter idea for smarter homes. Our connected LED system gives you complete control of the lighting in your home from your smartphone. Turn lights on and off, change your room’s mood, set schedules, preset scenes and more all from your smartphone.

Do you use one of these smart home systems already?

Amazon Alexa Echo Plus, Philips Hue Bridge 2 (except Hue Entertainment), Osram Lightify or Homee. The Gledopto Zigbee lighting system is compatible with the gateways and the Zigbee gadgets from these manufacturers.

Gledopto Soposh Smart home lighting control

Control your lights with Amazon Echo Plus, Philips Hue Bridge 2 (except Hue Entertainment), Lightify, Homee and many more. With the Zigbee wireless standard, you control your Geldopto lighting via a Zigbee 3.0 gateway either via an app or optional remote control. Depending on the product, various functions are available: simply switching on and off, dimming, selection of up to 16 million colors or the selection of white tones (CCT Tunable White).

Why is there no Gledopto gateway?

Gledopto has deliberately decided not to launch its own bridge because we do not just want to turn our customers into a new product, but make sure that they can interact with their existing popular smart home systems and take their light to a new level.

ZigBee Gateways and Hubs