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ZigBee Controller from GELDOPTO

Enjoy the simplicity of Gledopto LED Light. We have LED Controllers specially tuned to LED Strips for dimming and color-changing effects as well as Single Color Dimmers to adjust the brightness of single color light. All our Zigbee LED controllers are equipped with Zigbee Light Link and are therefore compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge. This provides access to almost all features of the Philips Hue Cosmos (except Philips Hue Entertain, homekit, update & power up). Also, the LED dimmers with voice controls can operate the Amazon Echo Plus or Alexa. Of course, there is for the controller a classic remote control. The dimmers and controllers can be operated by remote control. The LED lighting with LED Flexband is wonderfully comfortable. Treat yourself to this little luxury in your life.

What are LED controllers and dimmers?

LED strips are increasingly replacing conventional lamps and fluorescent tubes. This does not surprise anyone, because the LED strip lights can be used thanks to the practical LED profiles perfectly for every imaginable lighting. The requirements for the control of the LED Flex Stripes are high, therefore a range of LED controllers and LED band dimmers that are up to the modern requirements. App control and voice control included .. For a few lighting ideas, single-color non-dimmable LED strips are sufficient. The desire to dim the LED Stripes outweighs. The modern lighting design also includes colored LED strips and those in which the color temperature is variable, these are called CCT LEDs. The light should be conveniently controlled centrally from the seat or workplace. A LED strip remote control is indispensable for many applications. In addition to the LEDs, some of our LED strip sets also contain an LED strip dimmer and an LED Stripes remote control. The transmission system is Zigbee Light Link, which, unlike IR (infrared), does not require a directional signal from the remote control as you know it from your TV.

how to use led controller

To control multicolor LED strips, such as a RGB LED Stripe requires a RGB LED Controller. This is switched between LED power supply and RGB LED strip and takes over the color management for the RGB LED lighting. RGB LED controllers offer the possibility to set the desired color, to generate color gradients and to control the brightness as well as the switching status of the lighting. The individual channels, red, green and blue, are separately controlled via the PWM signal. By adjusting the brightness of the three channels to each other almost any color can be adjusted. Likewise, RGB LED strips can be used for mood lighting or for lighting applications with different lighting color requirements. Here you will find RGB LED Controllers which are wired and placed directly on the controller. For operation, these systems always require a receiver placed in front of the RGB LED strips and control unit which gives you commands to control the lighting. These control units offer various functions such as zone control, color fine adjustment, dynamic color gradient programs (adjustable in speed and type of color gradient), programmable color gradients and scene memory to recall previously configured settings. If you place a high value on high-quality white lighting, look at RGBW LED strips and controllers. RGB LED controllers are designed for RGB LED strips with common anode (common positive pole). The negative poles of the respective channels are switched. Perhaps, however, our RGB + CCT products are interesting for you. Here you have the possibility to set all conceivable colorful colors, including a clean white tone. No matter whether it is cold white, neutral white or warm white.

Also generously plan LED controls

At the first installation, many people forget to buy the matching LED strip accessories and only too easily forego good control. You can also control RGB LED strips via a stationary switch. Of course, a simple dimmer on the light switch can also change the brightness of the LED lighting. Later, you will quickly realize that it is annoying to get up to regulate the light. In addition, you can best verify lethargy when you are in the place where you want to be in the room.
Apart from that, color changes and Stroboflash are fun for a while. It, therefore, makes sense to use a Wanddimer a table dimmer or even more practical to use functions such as a smartphone app or even the speech control of Amazon Echo Plus with Alexa. With this, you change the light from anywhere you want.

Controls for 12-24 Volt LED Stripe products

All our LED controls are compatible with both 12V and 24 Volt LED strips. Just look for a sufficient power supply. Also, make sure that you do not pass more than 15A through the controller. If necessary, simply add a second controller and assign it to the same zone.

how to connect led controller

Connecting the controllers is very easy. Each channel has connections that open with a simple push. Now you can easily insert the appropriate cable and then simply end the press. The cable is only positioned in the clamp and the contact is made. We made a video for every controller by getting a step by step guide. It will not take more than a few minutes and you can enjoy the full features and benefits of Gledopto products.