ZigBee RF Gateway 2.4G lighting such as Mi-Light / MiBoxer or GLEDOPTO

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ZigBee Bridge to connect Mi-Light / MiBoxer or GLEDOPTO 2.4G lights with ZigBee

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ZigBee Bridge to control 2.4G RF lighting

Convert ZigBee to 2.4G RF signal / converter

With this bridge it is possible to control your 2.4G lighting such as spots, control units, downlights and garden spotlights from MiLight / MiBoxer / GLEDOPTO via your ZigBee gateway such as Philips HUE® or Amazon Echo Plus as well as other ZigBee gateways. This bridge is plugged into a USB connection (5VDC) and can then be integrated into your ZigBee system. Coupled with the 2.4G RF light circuit or the individual 2.4G RF lamp, this can be controlled via the app / voice control of the ZigBee Gateway. The 2.4G RF remote controls and wall switches can still be used, if these are also coupled to the bridge, these changes are also displayed in the app of the gateway. Displays an RGB + CCT light in the gateway, so the function in the app depends on the controller used (e.g. with dimmers only dimming and no function of the color or CCT circuit). A ZigBee RF Bridge is only 1-zone or . 1 group, if you want to control several separately, another bridge is necessary.

Compatibility of the ZigBee Bridge on 2.4G RF

Compatible with common 3.0 ZigBee gateways such as Philips Hue®, Amazon Echo Plus, Homee, Osram Lightify®, Samsung Smart Things, Smart Friends, DeConz / Phoscon, ZigBee2MQTT. Currently (as of 01/21/2020) unfortunately not compatible with IKEA Tradfri®. With 2.4G RF lights, compatible with GLEDOPTO lights and the current MiLight / MiBoxer series which can be controlled with the remote controls FUT088, B0, FUT089, B8, FUT092 and B4. Correct functioning with older Mi-Light products cannot be guaranteed because Mi-Light does not disclose any information about the firmware version of the products.

product type: controller
Controll: 2.4G WiFi WLAN zigbee control
Voltage: 5 Volt
Shipping weight: 0,02 kg
Product weight: 0,02 kg
width: 25 mm
length: 82,5 mm
height: 10 mm