LED ZigBee outdoor products

What are led outdoor lights?

New outdoor LED generation

When it comes to outdoor LED lights, we always talk about a particular challenge in terms of quality and longevity. After all, you do not want to start re-installing installed outdoor LEDs every spring. It is a challenging task to provide a safe environment in which people feel comfortable. As this has a huge impact on the quality of life, details are important here. The influence of rough outdoor conditions on the performance of the LEDs also requires a keen eye on the details. Water resistance and adequate protection against wind and weather require high demands on outdoor LED products.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you should make no compromises. All Gledopto LED components are intensively tested for weather resistance and longevity. All outdoor LEDs, therefore, have a protection standard of IP65.

The wide Gledopto LED portfolio of high-quality, high-performance and particularly low-cost LED products offer a spectrum of functional and decorative lighting. With our popular Soposh series you are always on the safe side. They are delivered in high-quality housings to ensure a constant performance even under difficult environmental conditions. They are protected against water, corrosion, and dirt. Designed for professional outdoor lighting, they are ideal for all high-quality applications.

Are Gledopto outdoor LED lights dimmable?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is "can you dim Gledopto outdoor led lights"? Yes, that is possible! And there is much more. All our outdoor LED lights are equipped with the Soposh system. In addition to dimming the outdoor LED light, it also makes it possible to set all the colors in the RGB LED spectrum. But we at Gledopto want more. Gledopto Soposh dimmable RGB + CCT LED lights system The Soposh system by Gledopto is designed to meet all outdoor LED lights needs. Therefore, we have not only equipped our outdoor LEDs with RGB LEDs but also have the option to set a pure white tone and to adjust this in the color temperature. The integrated RGB + CCT LEDs allow seamless adjustment between warm white and cold white.

How you can control GLEDOPTO outdoor LED lights?

The old-fashioned way by remote control

There are several ways to control our GLEDOPTO outdoor LED lighting solutions. Let's start with the one you probably expected anyway. 

The remote is still one of the most used solutions when it comes to adjusting your LEDs. Once you liked the remote to the flood-light or garden lamp, it will be ready to use any time. Choose between up to 8 separate channels in order to set individual colors for each gadget, or simply control them all at once. 

Smartphone LED adjustment via mobile app

There are a number of different Zigbee bridges you can choose from. One of the most used Systems in Europe is arguably the Philips Hue Bridge. Simply link your GLEDOPTO outdoor LED solutions to the Philips Hue App and enjoy almost every service of the App. 

GLEDOPTO outdoor LEDs are compatible with Amazon Echo

As the Amazon Echo plus comes with an integrated Zigbee module, our outdoor LED lighting solution can be directly connected to the Alexa Voice control system.

If you want to use it with a smaller Amazon Echo like the Echo Dot, you have to keep in mind that they don't have a build in Zigbee module. Therefore, you need a Bridge like the Philips Hue Bridge to connect the LEDs with the Amazon Echo network.

SmartThings compatible outdoor LED lighting

One of the systems that are very common and easy to integrate is the SmartThings Hub. With the intuitive SmartThings app, you are able  to scan for devices and add them by category/brand. The app is free to use. No monthly fees are required. 

Adding a device is very easy. Just log in to the service you want to link and give permission to work with SmartThings.

How to replace outdoor LED lights?

It´s easier than you might think

Another frequently asked question from our satisfied customers is how they can replace existing outdoor led lights? Maybe you can relate to that as well. Gledopto offers a range of LED replacement lamps for outdoor spaces like Gardens and Carports. With Gledopto's Soposh LED lighting products for outdoor and outdoor spaces, it's easy to upgrade your energy-efficient LED lamps. If you want to learn more about how you can make the switch and save up to 80% on your energy costs today, feel free to contact us at any time here. LED Lighting lasts longer and uses less energy than other types of lighting. Find a wide variety of LED bulbs and bulbs replacement with us.

What is a good outdoor LED light?

In general, LED outdoor lights around 2000K-3000K are suitable. These create a beautiful natural and cozy light both indoors and outdoors. If you want even more brightness, choose around 3000-4500 Kelvin in the cold white range. Our GLEDOPTO products start at 2200 Kelvin and have a range up to 6500 Kelvin.

Why do outdoor LED lights fail?

With our outdoor LED line, you are good to go. The smart flood-lights and garden lamps are IP65 waterproof. Normally, two factors lead to a failure of the LED outdoor lamp. On the one hand, the temperature is crucial and on the other hand, moisture can damage the LED light. In this regard, it is particularly important to attach designed LED outdoor lamps adequately outside so that neither moisture nor severe cold can get behind or into the lamp. With GLEDOPTO you don't need to worry about that at all.

How do you place spotlights in the garden?

The placement of LED outdoor light is, an individual decision. Nevertheless, there are recommendations. Among other things, it is recommended to use LED outdoor lighting in such a way that certain objects in the garden are illuminated. Another tip is the lighting of various objects in front of e.g. house walls, hedges, trees. This has the advantage that the lighting creates beautiful silhouettes.

What color garden lights are best?

Depending on what is to be illuminated in the garden, there are different recommendations. For example, to emphasize a brickwork, flower garden or statues and other features in the garden, 2200 to 3000 Kelvin is recommended. All of our outdoor lights are ideal for one of these lighting methods.