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What are led outdoor lights

When it comes to outdoor LED lights, we always talk about a particular challenge in terms of quality and longevity. After all, you do not want to start re-installing installed outdoor LEDs every spring. It is a challenging task to provide a safe environment in which people feel comfortable. As this has a huge impact on the quality of life, details are important here. The influence of rough outdoor conditions on the performance of the LEDs also requires a keen eye on the details. Water resistance and adequate protection against wind and weather require high demands on outdoor LED products.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you should make no compromises. All Gledopto LED components are intensively tested for weather resistance and longevity. All outdoor LEDs, therefore, have a protection standard of IP65.

The wide Gledopto LED portfolio of high-quality, high-performance and particularly low-cost LED products offer a spectrum of functional and decorative lighting. With our popular Soposh series you are always on the safe side. They are delivered in high-quality housings to ensure a constant performance even under difficult environmental conditions. They are protected against water, corrosion, and dirt. Designed for professional outdoor lighting, they are ideal for all high-quality applications.

Are Gledopto outdoor LED lights dimmable?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is "can you dim Gledopto outdoor led lights"? Yes, that is possible! And there is much more. All our outdoor LED lights are equipped with the Soposh system. In addition to dimming the outdoor LED light, it also makes it possible to set all the colors in the RGB LED spectrum. But we at Gledopto want more.

Gledopto Soposh dimmable RGB + CCT LED lights system

The Soposh system by Gledopto is designed to meet all outdoor LED lights needs. Therefore, we have not only equipped our outdoor LEDs with RGB LEDs but also have the option to set a pure white tone and to adjust this in the color temperature. The integrated RGB + CCT LEDs allow seamless adjustment between warm white and cold white.

How to replace outdoor led lights?