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In this category, you will find all Zigbee indoor LED lights at a glance. No matter if you are looking for an LED strip controller, LED Bulbs or GU10 Spots, this is the page where you can find all of those. At Gledopto we attach great importance to quality, longevity, and compatibility with maximum flexibility.

Why indoor LED lights are important?

ndoor LED lights are not only a necessary part of a room. Creating a home that people love takes way more than just four walls and a roof. It should be a place that inspires us, animates our minds to relax, and fills our hearts with warmth. Such as the reliability of every functional part as well as the perfect color temperature for a warm welcoming atmosphere. Indoor lighting has a significant impact on our perception of places and locations. Having a pleasant light makes you feel more relaxed and your stress level drops rapidly. The LED light can also be used to increase your concentration and increase productivity. Often we have varying requirements for a room depending on the situation. Sometimes we need functional and stimulating bright light to do some work, while sometime later in the same room we long for calming light to get away from the day's efforts.

Zigbee smart home LED lights

With its Soposh series, Gledopto has created a way to meet the changing needs of a location. Choose the right light mood for every time of day and situation. Zigbee smart home led lights enable you to take action with the least possible effort. We give you three different options: 1. Via a remote control or switch 2. Via the smartphone app 3. Via voice control.

Smart home LED light with the IR remote control.

The high-quality 8-channel remote control makes it possible to combine different illuminants into a group. For example, you can put an unlimited number of GU10 RGB + CCT spots into a group and control them at the same time. You can also set different types of illuminants such as an E27 LED bulb and an LED dimmer in a group to control them simultaneously. But that's not all. With the modern Gledopto Zigbee wall switch, you can switch on and off the light conveniently.

Zigbee light app

Here we rely on the proven Zigbee communication from Phillips. With the help of the Philips Hue Bridge* it is possible to connect and control all Gledopto illuminants with the Philips Hue app. So this is a very good alternative to Philips illuminants. The setup is very simple. For each article, there is a video that accompanies you in the step by step installation.

Voice Control with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and more

Voice control is increasingly on the rise. The convenience, for example, when leaving the house to turn off all lamps at the same time with a simple voice command can not be denied. As with the app here is the Philips Hue Bridge * as a communication station needed to ensure the Zigbee connection. In order to make the installation as easy as possible for you, we have also provided instructional videos.