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Illuminate the garden - how to put your garden in the right light with outdoor LED lights

With the right outdoor LED lighting, your garden turns into a wonderful wonderland at night. For every garden style, there are imaginative lighting effects that impressively highlight the lawn, terrace, pond, and trees. To ensure perfect illumination, important aspects must be taken into consideration when selecting the Outdoor LED lights. In this guide to garden lighting, we explain how to set the scene for your garden.

Planning the installation of the outdoor LED lights correctly

Not every type of lamp is equally suitable for use in the garden, so you should make a plan before starting to install the outdoor led lights. Which areas should be illuminated and, above all, how? Can you use existing hedges or plants to shape a path or do you need to work with multiple lights? A clever LED garden lighting is based on a combination of aesthetics and reliable safety. Of course, economic aspects must not be disregarded, as the purchase of outdoor led lights for the garden and the associated power consumption should be budget-oriented. In the first step, luminaires are installed everywhere in the garden where there are tripping hazards. As part of the installation, experts pay attention to the security for you and your family. Furthermore, shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants should not be affected in your growth.

Garden lighting - Simply beautiful LED lighting effects in every season

Experienced gardeners know that ideal conditions prevail in the summer to be able to present the work done properly. A certain shadow incidence structures the garden and reveals small but fine details that create individuality and create a homely feeling. But why should one wait for these conditions only for the summer and the winter over a mop, if it works with the right lighting but also in less bright seasons?

Illuminate terrace with Led spotlights

For the terrace, the use of LED headlights is worthwhile, because they can illuminate the surrounding plants and especially trees with low intensity and thus prevent punctually acting lights. You should work with fixed and flexible installations for each area. For the terrace located on the house, a few fixed wall sconces that provide light for a shelf or a cupboard are worthwhile - you can then accommodate drinks or snacks for a garden party that everyone will find right away.

Garden paths with outdoor spotlights:

Especially concerning the expanded ability of a terrace, it is also worthwhile to use flexible lights. With small floor lights, you can decorate the garden paths and especially arrange the lawn to set up there more tables and chairs. Recommended for this purpose are outdoor spotlights.

Equipping garden beds with Moonlights

So that your garden beds are wonderful even in the dark, you should best equip them with Moonlights. These are often offered in frosted glass colors, which makes the lighting of theflowers look quite warm. Moonlights are also available for pools and garden ponds. With these floating elements, you create a real eye-catcher in your garden.

The ideal LED light for your garden pond

If you have a pool or a larger pond, you can create free space for benches or comfortable beach stools with guiding lights, which should always be installed in the direction of view. So that the picturesque garden pond comes into its own at night, highlight the water world with an elaborate LED illumination. LED garden spotlights hidden between the grasses of the marginal planting are also nice to look at by day. Underwater lights are the ideal lighting for a babbling fountain.

More tips about the creative LED garden lighting

For safety on the sidewalks, on stairs and similar trip hazards usually provide practical bollards or path lights. Operated with mains power and equipped with motion detectors, all safety-relevant areas are never in the dark. To create an atmospheric ambiance with LED light, the creative ideas are allowed to bubble. Floor lights give lawns a mystical aura. Spotlights hidden in the undergrowth impressively emphasize a statue or a fountain. The right light in the garden often comes from below. To achieve the right effect on a terrace, for example, by built-in LED floor spotlights, arranged in a straight line or a semicircle. What looks sober and boring from above, receives a magical look from below through LED outdoor lights.

Use lamps with RGBW or RGB+CCT color changes

If you would like to add a little more color to your garden, then our Outdoor LED Category is warmly recommended in our shop. Here you will find a finely selected selection of high-quality LED outdoor lights. They are all equipped with at least RGBW, some even with RGB + CCT LEDs. So no wishes remain open when it comes to the choice of light color.

Garden spike light creates safety for your evening garden

In addition to the aesthetic component of a lighted garden, it should not be forgotten that the nocturnal illumination of the garden has an important safety aspect. LED outdoor lights make trips in the dark recognizable. Garden spike lights are therefore quite useful to avoid accidents. At the same time, a lighted garden can prevent unauthorized people from getting into your garden or house. Because where LED outdoor lights burn, nobody can be disturbed undisturbed in the shadow of darkness. Especially secluded gardens or house entrances can be better protected. A well-lit garden is, therefore, an obstacle for burglars to overcome before they get to your house. If you do not want to keep the light burning all night, it's best to use motion detectors. Because then the outdoor lighting reacts only when movement takes place in the garden. By lighting your garden, you also keep out unwanted animal revelers at a distance. If, for example, martens or other nocturnal animals are on their nocturnal raids, the night owls let the enlightened gardens undisturbed.

How bright is the lighting in the garden?

You are free in the choice of lighting, but there are certain factors that you should consider in the type and positioning of your bulb. One of the most important rules regarding garden lighting is that neighbors must not be affected by bright light. This is the case when LED earth spike floodlights from your property illuminate partially or directly into one or more rooms of your neighbor with your luminosity. When it comes to the bedroom, special care is needed. In the worst case, this will create a so-called unwanted immission, whereas your neighbor may object. In principle, the use of motion detectors is always recommended. This not only keeps burglars away and may save you an immense power bill - you are legally on the safe side. Namely, an imponderable immission takes place only when the light source is a permanent light.

What to look for when buying garden lighting

In addition to the brightness of the bulbs should be noted that garden lighting is exposed to other adversities, unlike interior lighting. Extreme cold, humidity, and dust can add to the functionality of the lamps. So that you have as many friends as possible for your garden lighting and also for your safety, you should always pay attention to the so-called protection class when purchasing garden lights, depending on where you want to attach the lights. This two-digit IP code indicates how well the lamp is shielded from foreign material, such as e.g. Dust (first digit, 1-6), but also moisture, such as splashing water or rain (second digit, 1-8) is protected. The higher the numbers, the better the luminaire is protected or sealed. It is generally recommended to use a lamp with a protection rating of at least IP44 for outdoor use. The higher the numbers, the better. If you want to place the outdoor lights in a garden bed that you are pouring over, the value should be at least IP65. Permanently submerged lamps, however, such as pond lights, usually have a value of IP68.